Effects of Magnetism on Electric Machines

It is worth remembering that several aligned turns can be used in a suitable formation, in this way, the magnetic dipole moments will be added, which can result in a high intensity torque. The use of numerous coils have the same purpose. On the underside, connected to two symmetrically opposed metal parts, a field coil will have the function of generating the field in which the rotor coils will be immersed. The metallic parts are ferromagnetic and establish the proper configuration of the magnetic field, presenting in the horizontal position in the same region, in which the rotor coils are. Together, the shaft and the three coils make up the rotor.

Also visible are both the commutator, collector and brushes, as well as the terminals, intended for the connection of the device to an external electric source. Basically, the torques are generated in the rotor coils in order to make it rotate. In the case, for example, of a practical application of the resulting torque on a coil in a DC motor, mounted on the shaft in suitable supports, it will have three coils responsible for the turning process, oriented perpendicular to the respective face visible from the cradle.