Fixing and Dimensioning the Flange

Depending on the specific type of flange, proper fastening can be carried out in the motor for the flange base or from the base to the motor. Thus, in order to fix the base to the motor, determining the size of the screw needs to consider the thickness of the base of the machine and the depth of the thread of the motor flange. In cases where the flange drilling is bypass type, the specification of the engine mounting bolt must never exceed the threaded length of the flange.

This factor can thus prevent contact with the motor coil. To secure the electric motor to the base, it is recommended that the fixing screw has a free thread length of 1.5 times the bolt diameter. In more extreme applications, the use of a larger free thread length may be required. The flange dimension, based on official standards, is usually reported in the electronic catalog or in the technical catalog that is provided by the manufacturer of the product. The motor flange must be supported on the base, which must have a suitable fitting dimension for the motor flange size, thus ensuring concentricity of the assembly.