Mechanical Power in Continuous Current

Taking into account that the stator body is composed of several ferromagnetic elements, when the voltage is applied to the terminals of the field winding of the machine, an intensification of the magnetic fields in the machine is automatically obtained. In this way, because it is a generator, the mechanical energy is removed by the application of a torque and the rotation of the machine axis. Thus, a mechanical energy source may refer to a hydraulic or wind turbine, for example. The mechanical energy source generates relative motion between the electric conductors of the armature windings and the magnetic field generated by the field winding.

Therefore, it is concluded that the mechanical energy that is supplied to the axis of the DC machine is properly stored in the magnetic field thereof so that it is transmitted in a way that feeds the load connected to the machine. In the case of this type of motor, the operation is reversed, since the electric power is offered to the conductors of the armature winding by the application of an electric voltage at its terminals by the commutator ring, causing an electric current to circulate in this winding that generates magnetic field in the armature winding.