Motor Switch

It presents the coiled rotor, supplied with switch and brushes. There are two types of electric motor commutator: the motor series and the motor of repulsion. In the repulsion motor the brushes are short-circuited. Thus, by the action of electromagnetic induction, the field of the stator forms a current in the winding of the rotor, which, in turn, forms a magnetic field whose poles need the position of the brushes.
The interaction of the fields entails the manifestation of the magnetic force, causing the rotor to rotate. As this engine model features high starting torque and high speeds with light loads, it is used in heavy load starting applications.
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The AC series motors are similar to DC, but have different behavior. For example, if a DC-series motor were to be connected to an AC source, there would be great sparking on the brushes and low current consumption, due to the high impedance of the series winding, without specifying the decrease in power factor output and drop.
The AC series motors feature high efficiency in applications that have low frequency, especially in electric locomotives, elevators cranes.