Motors Installed in Risk Areas

Electric motors prepared to operate in hazardous areas have additional safety features, which have specific standards for each type of risk area, according to their classification.

Before installing, operating or servicing electric motors in hazardous areas, the following precautions must be taken:
– The standards that are applied for engines operating in an area of risk must be studied and understood;
– All requirements required in the standards must be met.

In addition to all the basic care and compliance with the standards for the installation and operation of these types of electric motors, we must take extra care that is applied in hazardous areas. The care is:
– Desennen the engine and wait until it is completely stopped, in order to carry out the process of maintenance, inspection or repair in the engines;
– All existing protections must be installed and properly adjusted before starting up;
– Ensure that the motors are properly grounded;
– The connection terminals must be properly connected in such a way as to avoid any type of bad contact that could generate heat or spark.