Sizing of mechanical power

Three-phase electric induction motors with “squirrel cage” rotors take over the industrial environment today, but the main problem we face is the poor design of these motors, causing numerous problems, such as the waste of electricity and the reduction of Engine life.

These engines can be mechanically sized using one of the five basic criteria, such as: sizing by analyzing effective power; Sizing by analyzing the maximum motor torque; Sizing by analyzing the motor torque and starting torque conjugate; Sizing by analyzing the acceleration time; By analyzing the available power.

One of the first steps to be taken to size an electric motor will be to calculate the torque and speed requirements of the load. Speed ​​is determined by the production rate required by the process and establishing the torque requirements requires some calculations, depending on the nature of the load and the movement required.

A manual calculation will be performed, which can be used in any work situation.

After calculation and the study of the motor and load torque conjugates, it is also necessary to study the inertia of the motor, the load and the coupled components.